Clinical Pilates

Clinical Pilates emphasises the clinical application of Joseph Pilates’ original exercises using research based evidence. Our Physiotherapists provide a holistic approach, finding specific causes, work on them functionally with Pilates based rehab and create a wellness rather than an illness frame of mind. With Pilates we become educated about our bodies, have the tools to self-manage and to prevent further injury. After all, Pilates is about efficiency and wellness for life. Clinical Pilates clientele will receive their education, their hands-on Physio & their Pilates all within the open plan environment of the studio, the treatment room being utilised whenever necessary to do so.

With our reputation for success with rehabilitation clients, Jonty, Tam and Heidi are ACC registered but not for Physiotherapy as you know it! When it might be appropriate to do so, for a specific accident or sports related injury, ACC Registration gives the ability to apply to ACC for funding for Physio treatment with us, a part of which is a Pilates based Rehab Program. ACC provides funding for a limited number of sessions only. From there, for best results, Pilates will continue privately either as an Individual or within a Small Group or Mat class, whichever is the most suitable. 


“The principles you teach have improved my old injuries, bettered my posture, raised my body awareness and concentration times. These have helped me while at work, while driving and when
sitting at the computer.”
– Dave Hooton

Phone: 07 376 8489 a/h 021 566 894 | Studio: Top Floor, 21 Heuheu Street, Taupo New Zealand 3330