Pinc & Steel Cancer Rehabilitation 

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Tam and Jonty are the Certified Pinc & Steel Physiotherapists for the Taupo Region.

The Pinc & Steel Cancer Rehabilitation programmes are specifically designed to help women & men diagnosed with cancer regain their physical mobility, strength & endurance, improve quality of life & sense of well-being and incorporate exercise into their lifestyle. For each individual, the programme consists of individually designed and delivered sessions with a highly experienced Physiotherapist, that are totally flexible to the needs of the client on the day. It can incorporate Pilates, physiotherapy, massage, breathing techniques, fatigue management and exercise prescription & so much more!

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The Pinc & Steel programmes are formatted into 3 phases – Post-Op, Recovery and Fitness Phases. The timing of each phase is dependent upon physical condition, the length of the healing process, the type of surgery involved, and the courses of adjuvant treatments. Many variables may exist that will effect particular service & exercise choices at given times.

To encourage a continued habit of moving, clients are encouraged to join in on 'second tier' Trust programmes - Paddle On - an 8 session stand-up paddle boarding course and/or Next Steps - a 10 session programme incorporating Cardiovascular work on steps, Pilates, Yoga and Relaxation, all to music. These programmes are also subsidised by the trust.

Research shows that exercise therapy is an extremely important component of recovery from a cancer diagnosis and the effects of its treatment. Exercise has been shown to significantly improve longevity, independence, well-being and overall quality of life in cancer survivors. Pinc & Steel Physiotherapy will help cancer survivors to gain a sense of control, increase energy levels, learn exercises to enhance recovery and prevent long-term problems, regain core control and posture, strength and flexibility and regain a confidence in their body. 

Please call the studio for costs. Gift vouchers are available and make a fabulous gift from friends and family who want to help.

The Pinc & Steel Cancer Rehabilitation Trust is a volunteer driven registered charity that is dedicated to fundraising for the Pinc & Steel Cancer Rehabilitation programmes. Volunteers work tirelessly in their mission to raise funds and increase awareness of the importance of rehabilitation as a part of every cancer survivor's journey. The NZ Breast Cancer Foundation support the Pinc Programme and offer funding via the Pinc & Steel Trust, to help more women access this rehabilitation. Their support is particularly focused on the Maori & Pacific Island communities; those who live rurally or those living with significant hardship.

If you are unable to participate in the programme due to economic hardship please contact Tam on 021 566 894 and she will discuss possibilities for accessing funding towards your sessions and /or check out the official website

To boost funding for our local women and men, Jonty & Tam have organised a number of different fundraising events to raise money to help cancer survivors in the Taupo community into this worthwhile rehab programme. If you would like to support more women & men into the programme you can purchase a PP/SP Gift Voucher. You can also become a "friend" of Pinc & Steel Cancer Rehabilitation by visiting the Pinc or Steel Pilates website ( and following the leads.

To find out more about Pinc & Steel Cancer Rehabilitation, visit And, THANK YOU! 

“I have been working with Tam as part of the Pinc Cancer Rehab programme since March 2019. Tam's holistic and professional expertise has facilitated marked improvement in my functionality through both Physio and Pilates principles, and helped my mind and body adjust to its new "normal". Tam and her team are empathetic, supportive and go out of their way to find information and solutions to any challenges I face. A life changer!”  – Kim Shearer

“Of all the ‘medical types’ I’ve seen since being diagnosed with stage 4 melanoma, Jonty/Zone have demonstrated the best overall understanding of my condition. This has been borne out in the quality of my program and magnitude of my improvement in the last 3 years. Thank you guys so much!” – Brad Rock
Phone: 07 376 8489 a/h 021 566 894 | Studio: Top Floor, 21 Heuheu Street, Taupo New Zealand 3330