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We are certainly whizzing our way through this year! There has even been talk of Christmas!!!

I wanted to take a moment to acknowledge our team and all of our clients who have continued to navigate their way through the challenges that still present themselves with Covid's continued existence. We are grateful to our team who have supported eachother and their clients, and, we are grateful to our clients who have continued to prioritise their health and well-being. To those people on our Wait Lists, thank you for being so patient. Know that once you are in, you are in!!!

This year we once again had a Zone Team sign up for Dry July. We raised $7800 for people in our Taupo community with Cancer. These funds go directly towards helping people with Cancer into Cancer Rehabilitation. Thank you to everyone who so generously donated. Cancer Rehabilitation is not a 'nice-to-have', it is an absolute 'need-to-have'. So many men and women diagnosed with cancer are left with Physical and Psychological barriers after the standard medical interventions of surgery, chemotherapy, radiotherapy and drug therapy. Many believe that this is just what they have to live with, when the opposite is true. There is much that can be done to help and we feel very priviledged to be a truly positive part of their journey with them.

The Pinc and Steel Trust have created 2 progressive cancer rehab programmes. These are called the 'second tier' programmes - Paddle On and Next Steps. Next Steps and Paddle On aim to keep our Cancer Rehab clients moving on from their individual sessions. From there, there are Nationwide Pinc and Steel events running under the umbrella of 'Move Over Cancer'. These initiatives are so inspiring and so valuable and we see them working every time we get to help someone with Cancer in our studio. It is no wonder that the founder of Pinc and Steel, Lou James, made the Queen's New Years Honours List! Seriously deserved. That woman is a legend!

Just a note to always stay diligent with your safety in the studio - for yourself, fellow clients and with respect to the apparatus. Many of you have been coming to the studio for a really long time and it is easy to get complacent. It is vital you stay focused on your movement, be aware of the ins and outs of the apparatus, be aware of what is around you and think through what you are doing and why. You will not only keep yourself, others and the apparatus safe but you will get better results in doing so.

Thank you for your continued dedication to Pilates and prioritising your health. It really does make life better!

Tiddly Pom!


“Pilates has been a very important part of may life for many years and helps me to continue to enjoy everyday life. It keeps me strong, flexible, mobile, agile AND it’s so much fun! To Tam, Jonty, Lisa and the whole team, you are a wonderful inspiration and I cannot thank you enough.” – Anna Willis
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