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The morning frosts are starting which means those divine clear bright sunny afternoons are kicking in. Feeling extremely grateful to live in our slice of paradise.

We so look forward to seeing you in the studio. Because it has been so busy with such positive movement and energy, the team and I have come up with our STUDIO ETIQUETTE to ensure everyone gets the experience they come in for. Here is what we feel is the most important for everyone:

  • We welcome a healthy Respect & Awareness of our space, our team, our equipment & your ‘fellow movers’.
  • Have fun quietly! Enjoy a Mindful approach to your work & keep noise to a minimum, especially during busy times.
  • We are a ‘mobile-phone-free’ space.
  • Safety first. Honour your limits. Accept modifications as you accept challenges.
  • Clean up your mat/equipment as you go.
  • Mind your Personal Hygiene. That said, please leave your perfume & after-shave for AFTER class.
  • Can’t come? No problem. As long as you cancel, giving 24hours notice whenever possible, there is no charge. You could even slide into an alternative session for that week. Late cancellations/No Shows will be charged for.
  • Enjoy time and space for you.

Thank you everyone!

The Pinc and Steel Cancer Rehabilitation Trust continues to subsidise cancer survivors in our Taupo community into individualised Physiotherapy/Pilates sessions. This is not a 'nice-to-have', it is an absolute 'need-to-have'. So many men and women diagnosed with cancer are left with Physical and Psychological barriers after the standard medical interventions of surgery, chemotherapy, radiotherapy and drug therapy. Many believe that this is just what they have to live with, when the opposite is true. There is much that can be done to help and we feel very priviledged to be a truly positive part of their journey with them.

The Pinc and Steel Trust have created ongoing programmes for clients that have had their individualised sessions with a Cancer Rehab Physio. If possible many of our clients will continue on into Pilates Classes with us in the studio. However, for some, financial and mental barriers may prevent this. To keep them moving forwards, we run two 'second tier' programmes - Paddle On and Next Steps. Jonty ran another successful Paddle On course for our Pinc and Steel clients in February. We were lucky with the weather and our paddlers were totally awesome! Next Steps has also kicked off for another 10 weeks. After just 5 weeks my new group is stepping, stretching and strengthening to some rockin’ tunes like experts.

Next Steps and Paddle on aim to keep our Cancer Rehab clients moving on from their individual sessions. From there, there are Nationwide Pinc and Steel events running under the umbrella of Move Over Cancer. These initiatives are so inspiring and so valuable and we see them working every time we get to help someone with Cancer in our studio. It is no wonder that the founder of Pinc and Steel, Lou James, made the Queen's New Years Honours List! Seriously deserved. That woman is a legend!


  • A few people have asked for a water fountain in the studio. Mostly we don't have one to save the planet of all those plastic cups. We encourage you to have a water bottle with you so you can sip constantly throughout your session.  It is really awkward drinking from an open cup of water whilst you are lying down and potentially very messy!
  • Remember the shower in the bathroom is for your use. If you want to walk, run or ride to your class and need a shower before you leave then please go right ahead. Just bring a towel.
  • If you cannot make your regular class time, did you know you can just check in with your Trainer & the diary and look for an alternative option for the week?
  • Have you considered a Foam Roller, Squidgy ball or Swiss ball for home? Rememeber you will only ever be as good as what you are doing outside the studio - these props give your more variety and fun for your home workouts. 

On that note...Thank you for your continued dedication to Pilates and prioritising your health. It really does make life better!

Tiddly Pom!


“Pilates has been a very important part of may life for many years and helps me to continue to enjoy everyday life. It keeps me strong, flexible, mobile, agile AND it’s so much fun! To Tam, Jonty, Lisa and the whole team, you are a wonderful inspiration and I cannot thank you enough.” – Anna Willis
Phone: 07 376 8489 a/h 021 566 894 | Studio: Top Floor, 21 Heuheu Street, Taupo New Zealand 3330